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All You Should Know About ITK.com.ng

itk.com.ng is your #1 Educational website/blog in Nigeria and study self guide platform for everyone of all age to help keep your brain Smart and Sharp Again, A Digital Download Portal For Students and Entrepreneurs, workers.

You can download all your Educational Materials and current Past Questions and Answers for Free on itk.com.ng without stress

About: The GOAL Of itk.com.ng

To Be the #1 Digital Download Website in Nigeria for Students and Researchers, we strive to become the Best.

Become Top Word Problem Quiz Website in Africa, Nigeria.

Who is The Founder of itk.com.ng ?

ITK.com.ng was created on 17th May, 2020 by Ebube James Okwuoha (a.k.a James Emmanuel IncomeBrain).

James is the Founder of IncomeBrain Network, Learnmarketing Nigeria and also a self Published Author of two books. He has created other different niche website and blogs not publicly known.

He acquired Dataplaza (a vtu website) in 2019.

later that year, he purchased JambPortal.org.ng with the intention to create an Online JAMB CBT Test Website which was later held by the Domain Name Provider due to some Policy Issues.

You can find his personal blog at www.ebubejames.org.ng

His first Professional custom Blog was MyGuide4Business.com (Entrepreneur And Start Up Blog) he created in 2017 and abandoned in 2018 to pursue his true career, Went Offline for some months.

He later surface with a new Blog site with the domain name IncomeBrain.com.ng (Make Money Online Selling Digital Products) which turn out to become a huge success for him in 2019 and made him acquired dataplaza.

As he discovered the pity fall he made in his early days in Blogging and want to document his Success and Failure in Online Marketing, made him created Learnmarketing.com.ng

He started developing itk.com.ng in early 2020 and opened it for beta testing in May/June 2020 with a group of 15 beta tester.


Other Objectives of itk.com.ng is to provide best Education resources for Nigeria Students like Past Questions and Answers, Project Research, Online CBT Test for all Examinations including JAMB and WACE.

Also, To Create A Portal For Teachers To Teach Online!

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Thank You!

James Emmanuel,