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Blogspot SEO: How To Easily Rank New Blog Post On Google Blogger

Blogspot SEO should not be something that have to difficult for you as a blogger, many move from blogspot to wordpress hosted blog because of this single fact but they forgot that Blogger blog (Blogspot) is owned by Google and another thing that bring good amount of traffic from Google Search to any website or blog is On-Page SEO. Before you can rank on Google First Page, there are things (Optimization) you as a publisher must do get on Number #1 of Google Search or Other Search Engines, this is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I wouldn’t just waste your time by writing long blog post without any practical steps and guide to do your own SEO on your blog and the only way to achieve the goal of making you learn SEO for your blog or website is to use my blog to give you a comprehensive guide of how I did my On-Page SEO from scratch without any SEO Plugins or SEO Tools on my Blogger blog, these Steps I would show you is not difficult but simple that if you follow it and obey Google Ranking Factors your blog post would be on number #1 on Google Search or on First Page of any Search Engine.
In this article, I will be using the word “SEO” often as an acronym for the term “Search Engine Optimization” to avoid repetition of the long term but before I continue, do you know the meaningof SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What Is The Full Meaning Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

According to digital marketing dictionary;

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization (noun) .

Search Engine Optimization is the process of editing and updating a webpage to be reachable by crawl and index by algorithm bot and pass all ranking factors and been seen on Google Search or Other Search Engines like Bing,, Yahoo Search etc.

Type Of SEO

There are two major types of SEO approved by Ranking Factors, which are;

  1. On – Page SEO. 
  2. Off – Page SEO. 

Little Explanation of type of SEO:On-Page SEO:- This is the a process of maximizing your blog post content while writing it to best answer user query or questions and add useful resource content that will further benefit end readers of your article like links (internal links & external links),  video, audio, Infographics and rich image to serve as best solution for that keyword or query and be search friendly.
Off – Page SEO:- Many do not know how to do this method or do it the wrong way, it is just a proof that helps your page authority and qualifies your content to pass some ranking factors and ranking position. Google want to show the best results to user in lesser time and can not judge a content by itself but by the help of some technical bot that goes 360 on the web to record and score links and webpage contents by using engagement, views and inter -connection (inter linking) to find your content and other major untold factors by Google Search and pick the best results to crawl and Index to be saved until someone search for it. 

5 SEO practice That Affect Your Blog Post Ranking Position

  • #1: Keyword Overdose.
  • #2: Poor Content:
  • #3: Duplicated Content.
  • #4: Crawl Locker:
  • #5: No Connection.

Let me go deep on this, 🏊

#1: Keyword Overdose
To By-Pass Ranking Factors, most of us as a blogger do keyword research and over do it on our blog post to rank and fill our meta description, title tag and heading with keywords. When you over do keyword in a webpage, Search Engine like google will know and after some time penalize you for it which can lead your site to completely get blocked by google search engine.
#2: Poor Content Poor content happens when you do not give full information of your niche topic and number of words on a page, any blog post less than 200 words would never do well on search especially on Google.

#3: Duplicated Content The word is self explanatory but for the sake of more emphasis, let me tell you what you should know now. When you want to write a new blog post and you search on Google for it and find a result that is doing well and copy it, you have just succeeded in duplicating that page and search have first index that which you copy from and would penalize your blog for that act.

#4: Crawl LockerYou have to know if your site can be easily access by search console for indexing and understanding what your page is all about by using a clear title and well label (tags) in your post.
#5: No Connection (Interlinking)Interlinking to old and new blog post shows that are interconnected to each other and will easy the job for crawl to identify and connect each pages together while adding external link from authority sites would help the crawl categories your site and rank it as similar sites. Label tagging for Blogspot also help your site ranking position.

Obey Google Ranking Factors.

Watch This Video With Me Now, Here is a video of what you should focus on if you want to rank #1 this year on Google First page.

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Now you have know what have been affecting your Google ranking position, would you like to know what you should do to bounce back on first page Number #1.

If Yes, keep reading this SEO Guide For Blogspot!
Next is the 5 Must do On-Page SEO for Google Blogger blog (Blogspot) you should do to make search engine find your blog and rank it for your target keywords variable.
To keep this really short & sweet, I am also going to show you with screenshot and and even video tutorials.

5 Must Do On-Page SEO For Blogspot To Rank On Google Search First Page

#1: Write Great Content.
#2: Inter Linking.
#3: Summit Your Site Map To Google Search Console.
#4: Do Post Outreach.
#5: Use LSI Keywords.
These 5 SEO checklist for beginners are the first basic SEO practice I would love you to understand before hinting the “Publish” button again.
In my class today in Google Search Webmaster Academy, I learnt what anyone can do now to rank on first page of any Search engine for a short tail keywords and Long tail keyword on a good position on first page and be clicked on.
Before I even begin to talk about SEO, I should be sure that you know what is ‘Keyword‘ and type of keywords before you can use them.
What Is A Keyword?What is the different between Keyword and Keywords?Type of Keywords?What is Keyword Research?How To Do Keyword Research For Your Next Blog Post.
What is a Keyword?
keyword ( /ˈkiːwəːd/ )[noun]
A word or concept of great significance.
Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they’re the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries.”

Type Of Keywords

Popularly most blogger only know about two types of keywords but here in this guide, I would list and explain (3) three of them.

Which are:

#1: Short Tail Keywords (Common)
#2: Long Tail Keywords (Common)¨C48C ¨C49C

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#3: LSI Keywords (New)

From my experiment with Keywords Research Study, I discovered that some little preposition are good for ranking factor and this preposition individually are called LSI Keywords.

#1: Short Tail Keywords
Short Tail keywords are short search term searchers use on search engine like google to find more about the term or word like for example; “SEO” , ” Blogging”, “Blog”, “Table”, “School”, etc.

Inside Long Tail keywords, we can find some short tail keyword like “Learn SEO for Blogspot” short tail keyword is not specific, so search engine shows all results for that term.

Let just say that keyword simply means Look up terms.

Short Tail keywords are difficult for beginners to the online marketing space to rank for because big companies have all it takes to be on number for that term (they pay millions of dollars to rank for it and hire SEO expert to do their optimization for them).

The only alternative to win in this Ranking Game as a newbie (beginner) is to optimize for Long Tail Keywords

Thank Your 🌟

Searchers search the web using Long Tail Keywords and Google  Search Favour us by suggesting popular search queries and user click on the one that best fit their search and boom, if your site is index or crawl for that keyword, will show up and you are likely to be choose by the searcher.

That will bring us to know what Long Tail keywords are and examples of them.

#2: Long Tail Keyword 

Think of what you would search on Google and how you would search for it to get the specific result you want, you would want to give a kind of detailed query like before you got here you might have search for ” How To Rank A Blogspot Blog On Google First Page #1” and some kind of other related keywords or search term that contains a short tail keyword like; Rank, Blogspot Blog, Google, First Page #1 can up this content on Google Search.

Important Notice: You have to summit your blog site URL to Google Search Console Webmaster and Bing Webmaster for crawling and indexing before you can take advantage of first page of Search. 

Did I explained LSI Keywords before, I guess yes.

Let me give you more info on it.

#3: LSI Keywords  This SEO optimization is easy as ABC that even a child can rank with it.

What are LSI keywords?

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are words that are commonly found together within a single topic and are semantically related to each other.

Here is an LSI Keyword example – Let’s say your article topic is “horticulture“. Typically, you would find multiple related keywords like “agriculture”, “crops“, “botany” and “plants“. As you write naturally about a certain topic that you have done enough research for, a certain number of common keyword phrases will be naturally found for that specific topic. These phrases are called LSI keywords and are semantically linked to each other based on the topic (or the seed keyword) and search engines expect to find them in every article on that topic.

LSI keywords therefore help search engines figure out the main topic of your article. As another example, say your article topic is “cars“. If your article had the words “clutch, “gas“, “price“, “mileage”, “aftermarket”, “used”, then the search engines know that your article is about vehicles for transportation. However, if your article had words like “Disney”, “animated”, “characters”, “McQueen” or “mater”, the search engines would know that the article is about the D0isney movie “Cars”. Hence, having related keywords in your content is critical to sending the right signals about your topic to the search engines.

“A Child Can Rank With This Technique”

What is LSI SEO?

LSI SEO is the method of optimizing the on-page content of a webpage for a specific search query by ensuring that other naturally occurring words are found around that specific search query.

Using LSI keywords in your content helps the search engines understand the exact topic of the webpage and proves to them that the webpage is relevant to the search query. It also improves your chances to rank for other high-volume keywords that are semantically related to your search query.

Why is LSI research important for On-Page SEO?

When content creators write an article, they focus on the main head keyword, and the associated long-tail keywords. However, without enough LSI keywords, their content does not read naturally.

LSI makes it easy for search engines to figure out how natural a piece of content is based on whether enough LSI keywords show up. It has been speculated that Google’s Panda update uses LSI keywords to figure out the quality of the content. If enough LSI keywords are not present, the content looks unnatural and hence of poor quality.

Watch Another Video that will make you understand all I have been saying, I think you would like to the Video Tutorial on Google SEO for writing a blog post right now. 

Summary & What’s Next?

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5 Guide To Master On-Page SEO for Blogspot:

#1: Write Great Content.
#2: Inter Linking.
#3: Summit Your Site Map To Google Search Console.
#4: Do Post Outreach.
#5: Use LSI Keywords.

Write Great Content: Create content to be the best solution for user not for Search Engine. Give in depth information of any topic you are writing about.
Inter-Linking: If your blog has some old useful post concerning the topic or niche related,  you can link back to it.
Summit Your Site Map To Search Console (Webmasters) :- Popular Search Engine like Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster is a good start to summit your site map to. 
Do Post Outreach :- if you do not share your content, no matter how great or useful it is nobody will know it exist. So share and promote your blog post content and also do guest posting. Social media is a good start for this but do not spam groups with irrelevant links all the time. 
Use LSI Keywords :- Now you know what LSI word are, sprinkle it round your content and watch your blog grow from zero to thousands of views day by day.

Other SEO Resource Tools & Plugins To Use:

+ Google  Analytics.

+ Keywords.oi

+ Alexa

+ Ubersuggestion

+ Google Trend.

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