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Sam has a business washing cars. Last year he washed 20 cars a
week. This year, he wants to increase his business to 1,200 cars a year.
How many cars will he have to wash each month on average?
6, 13, 27, 55,...
What is the next Number?
source: Buzzfeed.com
There are three Consecutive even numbers such that twice the first is 20 more than the second. Find the Numbers?
Suppose you want to buy three loaves of bread that cost $1.50 each
and a jar of peanut butter that costs $4. A jar of jelly is $2.75, but you
don’t need any jelly. You have $10. How much money will you have left
What Number comes Next In the following Sequence?
2, 4, 8, 10, 20, _  
(Asked By Olalaye Victor)
Johnson has $80 to buy a new outfit. She found a skirt for $20, a blouse
for $25, and a belt for $8. How much does she have left to buy shoes?
What number is 8 tens and 20 ones?
John's Father is twice as old as John. In 20 years John will be two -thirds as old as his father. How Old is each now? 
There is a group of 15 people who are ordering pizza. If each person gets two slices and each Pizza has four slices,  how many Pizzas should they order?
source: Buzzfeed.com
Think of a  Common word that contains, double C, double S and double L. Can you think of a second one? 
(Asked By Olalaye Victor)

Think of a Number. Double the number. Subtract 6 from the result and divide the answer by 2. The quotient will be 20. What is the Number?