How To Get Every Of Your Blog Post Rank on Google First Page In Nigeria

If you want to make your blog Rank On Google Search In Nigeria, here are Important techniques to use to Out Rank Big Blogs and Website. Take this tutorial SERIOUS and Follow my guide.

Before I share with you the secret I used to Boost my blog ranking and made My first ₦689K Blogging Online, You must agree with my Content Terms of Use.

Creating A Blog is not enough to make your site Rank Google First Page for any keyword in your Country especially in Nigeria.

In Nigeria were Competition is the order of the web, you have to know beyond writing great content to knowing how to optimize your Blog Post, Pages and Website Linking Structure to be easily crawled and indexed by Google

When a user search on, they click on the first to third ranking search result; Here is the theory of how Site get rank #1 On Google Search today.

Rank on Google search

Google can’t read and mark content the way school teacher does but use end user behaviour to judge how each site Content is Ranked when a particular query (keyword) is search for, Your Keyword content optimization would predict your site ranking factor and consideration by Crawler bot.

Another user search for the same keyword or similar keyword, Google Show same result as the first one but bring that page a bit top and the second user tend to click on it again and do not bounce back away from the website/blog but rather till commented on the post or go to another post on the same website/ blog.

Back to My SEO theory – The Definite Guide.

This is How Google Rank Search Result;

All Crawled and Index Page For Specific Keywords Are Showed To Search User according to Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Search users scroll through the first page looking for result that best fit there needs and searches, if they scroll down and see #6 Result as the answer to their query and click on it.

Here is What Google Do:

Google Takes that article to number #5 or #4 (depending on the website user experience.

Another user search for the same keyword or similar keyword, Google Show same result as the first one but bring that page a bit top and the second user tend to click on it again and do not bounce back away from the website/blog but rather till commented on the post or go to another post on the same website/ blog.

Google bring the article to #3 or #2 position on first page.

Now, Many search user searches for that particular keyword and you site is the on always clicked and got less bounce rate and more CTR (click Through Rate),

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Search Engine like Google would bring that Page/Post #1 for more user to see.

After some time on #1 First Page Of Google, google crawler picks a Paragraph from your website that best answer your search users query and that contains the actual keyword they are looking for.

Google uses that paragraph answer to make SERP – Search Engine Result page.

How To Get Your Blog Rank on Google First Page In Nigeria

Eventually, that Blog post got to #1 of Google First Page Result.

But, That Ranking Magic is not as easy as you read it above.

there are other secret Google Ranking Factor you should know before you can even manage to appear on First Page.

SEO is the Secret but not the Solution!

Many would disagree with me here and even comment their level of knowledge in my comment section with their link, I would reply them and prove them wrong.

Firstly, Let me tell you why should listen to me here and follow my practical steps if you want to Rank on Google First Page In Nigeria.

My name is James Emmanuel, I have been blogging since 2016.

I have been featured on various blogs and Online seminars (Webinars) – For free and Paid.

I have been teaching about about Blogging Since 2018,

Enough of my Story, lets get down to work and show you how to increase your site Visibility and be found on google top pages.

Here, I would not show you how to make your site appear on Google News or Create a google My Business Page.

I would do that on my next post if you comment I should do that.

This Tutorial/Teaching you are about to study is Strictly from my Experience Since I Started blogging, I know that Google Algorithm has change Since then But it still work like Magic.

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Quickly, let me Tell you secret many top site use to get lot of visitors daily without stressss!

Now, if you have been blogging since or recently started your blog and you have been wondering why you have not been getting the amount of views that other niche blog like you have even though you post regularly or constituently.

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This is because you have absolutely been blogging the wrong way.

Do you know that a month old blog can get up to 300k monthly page views even without running Facebook ads or posting to social media,

This is directly from Search Engine views.

I tell people this secret for free and would share it here for my readers to know about it.

If you want to Rank on top of Google Result fast, focus more on your Country content and trending topic.

for example; Let say you want to Rank on Google First Page In Nigeria

Quick Method To Rank On Google First Page

Even though you post per seconds, you might not Rank For Every post you write or get views.

For you to Rank Organically – You must Master SEO and Do SEO regularly on every single Blog post you want to Rank on Google.

Therw are two major SEO Practise You must know;

  • On-Page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO.

Both would boost the way your content is been seen by Search Like Google.

What Is SEO

S-E-O stand for Search Engine Optimization,

But that is not all, SEO is the Organic Marketing Of A Content.

I do not know if I have Confuse someone here…

Okay, you would understand that definition as we go deep into this tutorial.

As we earlier mentioned, we have two SEO method to Optimize a Page to rank better.

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

On-Page: What Is On-Page SEO in Blogging

Why I attach this video above is because Brian founder of Backlinko covered all you need to know about On -Page SEO (Beginners Guide).

Next, Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO: How To Do Off-Page SEO For A New Blog Post

Off-Page SEO is what makes On-Page SEO works faster and get your Blog post indexed by Google Automatically.

Here is another Video From Backlinko

All these Free SEO tips and Tutorial can seems like a kind of Stress or Stressful for you do it yourself and the Result is Spam Score Free but it would take a long time to start seeing Actionable result.

I know many of us reading this want to Start Ranking Now Not in 2021 😃


The Founder and SEO Experts at has plan for newbies and beginners like you to know the fast track of getting higher Ranking and Rank On Google Search In Nigeria

That is why we are Offering to show you all the secret free training, free blog post by Pro won’t show you in their post.

Here is the Deal,

The Number of Links linking to your Post, Pages and Domain Name is a Major Concern for Google.

Why have we been talking about Google Search Engine Optimization?

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If you can Pass all Google Ranking Factor and Rank on first page even in #1, other Search Engine like Bing, Yandex you would also definitely rank their.

When I got to know about this secret method, I created 6 blogs to test this method on it.

3 was on Blogspot and 3 was on WordPress

I did it on 2 Blogspot blog (Google Blogger) and 2 WordPress Blog and did not do it on other 2.

This same method work for Blogspot Blog and WordPress and I Rank On Google Search In Nigeria for my targeted Keywords.

The Other 2 Blogspot and WordPress Blog I did not use it on did not rank not even in my villiage on google.


What was my Secret Method

Domain Boosting and getting Backlinks

Yes, Some call it Black Hat or Link Building.

All I know is that it works like Magic.

I built More Backlink Profile for 2 of My Blogspot Blog, It Started Ranking for any Long tail keywords I write for it.

I built More Backlink Profile For 2 of my WordPress Blog, it started Ranking on First Page for my targeted keyword and bring me back more Money I invested in growing it.

Two of my other blog 1 wordpress and 1 Blogspot I did not build link for remain behind Search engine and never rank or bring in even good Traffic.

Even though I am to start Blogging All Over Again, I know how to Make My Content (Pages, Post, Youtube Videos) Rank on Google First Page.

How Can Keyword Research Make My Site Rank On Google Search In Nigeria

Yes, Keyword Research can help you Rank on Google First Page In Nigeria and I still respect the fact that White Hat SEO is a Lasting SEO techniques.

Now, someone would be asking; What is Keyword Research.

Okay, Watch the video by Neil Patel new founder of

Now, After Following all this Pro and create great Content.

If You Are Still Stuggling To Rank on Google First Page In Nigeria

Here is the Last Avatar

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