Solve Word Problem Correctly: 7 Steps With Examples -
Solve Word Problem Correctly

Solve Word Problem Correctly: 7 Steps With Examples

To Solve Word Problem is more than just simple calculation and it requires lots of Focus and smartness to get the answer correctly and fast for any questions.

Solve Word Problem Fast

What is Word Problem In Mathematics?

In science education, a word problem is a mathematical exercise where significant background information on the problem is presented in ordinary language rather than in mathematical notation. (According to Wikipedia)

There are proven steps to get all these whole process of thinking really fast and quickly, just follow these steps below;

According to Mathgenie there are 7 Steps process to get your Word Problem answer correctly.

7 Steps To Solve Word Problem (Correctly)

  1. Read the Problem Out Loud to Yourself.
  2. Draw a Picture.
  3. Think “What Do I Need To Find?”
  4. List Out What is given in the Question.
  5. Find The Key Words.
  6. Solve.
  7. Check Your Work.

As the popular saying:

"A Problem Shared Is A Problem Half - Solved".

Same goes for Word Problem Questions.

Read it out loud in your mind or with your mouth and try to draw a picture of the question, what the question is all about in your mind or piece of paper.

Keep in mind what you are ask to find and use that as your unknown, unknown can be denoted by alphabets like x, y, z or A, B, C as you may wish to use for working (solving).

To get what you do not have (looking for) list out what was given in the question and write them down.

Knowing the topic of the question is as important as the question itself, it help you know which type of formula you should use.

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Most at times, the key word in the questions can give you hints of which topic question is that, if it is an Algebra question or Probability questions. etc.

Once you know the topic, use the topic Formula to solve if and check If you are correct.

If you fail, check your working and calculation again or just move to the next question.

Do you want to try this Steps if it really works?

Solve Word Problem Question Here.